Frequently Asked Questions

How does the order and delivery process work?

Our close off for orders is 5pm every  Thursday , Avos are then picked  in the weekend and the courier collects on a Monday. We do not store fruit, it is picked to order. Deliveries to the North and South Island leave our orchard on a Monday . We like to send at the start of the week so that your avocados arrive prior to the weekend and the courier has plenty of working days for delivery. Once your order has been processed you will receive an email advising this.

How long will delivery take?

Usual delivery times are: North Island is next day delivery and South Island usually takes three days. The damage to the Kaikoura Coast Road means the courier can take an extra day due to travelling the alternative route. If you are on a Rural Delivery address there will most likely be an extra day depending on your RD driver. We are pleased to provide Rural Delivery at no extra cost. We have a flat rate for shipping NZ wide of $8.90 per box.  Once your order is collected by our courier you will receive tracking information.

How are they packaged?

Avocados are packaged in a 80% recycled cardboard box and nestled amongst lots of recycled shredded paper. And we are pleased to provide Rural Delivery at no extra cost. Once your order is collected by our courier you will receive tracking information. Please contact Fastway directly for tracking and delivery queries and quote your tracking number.

When will supply begin?

Avocados are unique in that they do not ripen on the tree. In fact, if you aren’t ready to harvest a bunch and eat them soon, the best place to store them is dangling on the tree. The longer the fruit is left on the tree, the higher the oil content and the richer the taste. This means that early in the season (June/July/August) they will take longer to ripen – maybe even upto 14 days.

At what stage of ripeness will my Avocados arrive?

We do not send ripe Avocados as they are likely to arrive as Guacamole. Normally they will take between 4-6 days to ripen depending on the time of the year.

What size are the Avocados and what’s included in my box?

The “Premium Hass Avocados” includes 10 large to medium Hass Avocados that are of the best quality and the “Smoothie/Guacamole” box is based on weight (approx. 2.8kgs) and these are Hass Avocados that are slightly smaller or have some marks on the outside. It’s what’s on the inside that counts. This fruit is ideal for making hummus, smoothies or even mashing for your toast.

How can I store my Avocados once they have arrived?

In the fruit bowl is ideal for ripening, in a well ventilated space and out of direct sunlight or if you want to keep some for a bit longer I suggest putting them in the fridge (as soon as they arrive) and they will last for a good couple of weeks but this may affect the taste and quality.

Can I place a regular order?

Yes we have recurring orders available for weekly of fortnightly delivery. The shutoff for placing this is 8am each Thursday, any recurring orders placed after this time will move to the next week’s cycle.

Can I send a box of Avocados as a gift?

Yes – who wouldn’t want to receive a box of Avocados as a gift – better than a box of chocolates, right?? Just specify in the comments that the box is intended as a gift and we can even include a card with your message.

What if something’s not quite right with my order?

We take pride in our fruit and want you to be 100% satisfied. The utmost care is taken when handing each and every fruit. Most fruit damage occurs from people squeezing before you buy them, we’ve eliminated that stage. They should arrive to you as close as nature can deliver. While it’s impossible to tell if an avocado is perfect on the inside when it’s picked, should you not be happy for any reason please let us know immediately.

If there is anything else you’d like to know contact us and we’d be happy to help.